February 6, 2012

PhD Thesis

job01 2012



We offer:
A 4-years grant to do the PhD Thesis. FPI (MAT2011-29269-C03-01) grant.

Electric control of magnetic devices and time-resolved magnetooptic monitoring

To break current limitations in data storage and information technologies, we are exploring novel strategies to control magnetic devices. Our approach includes using electric fields and fast strain pulses to modify the magnetic state of a memory element, and its monitoring using advanced magneto-optic techniques.

We search:
We are looking for a very motivated student, aiming to jump into the forefront of research, with skills in experimental physics, fluent english and aiming to joint a scientifically competitive research team (http://www.icmab.es/mulfox)

· Good academic track record (averaged mark above 1.7)
· Degree in physics or chemistry or material’s science.
· A prior completion of a Master in physics or chemistry is of advantage.

Candidates shall send their CV, academic track record and a letter of motivation to any of:

Deadline: Deadline is February 23rd 2012.

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