Supervising activity

PhD, MsC, Bsc, stages

  • C.O. AVCI

    Postdoctoral Associates

    02/2022 – present: Silvia Damerio (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow starting from 09/2023)
    01/2023 – 04/2023: Martín Testa Anta (Juan de la Cierva Fellow – withdrawn)
    03/2023 – present: Jesús Alejandro de Sousa

    PhD Students
    09/2021 – present: Stefano Fedel
    03/2023 – present: Matteo Fettizio
    03/2021 – 12/2022: Martín Testa Anta (discontinued due to the Juan de la Cierva fellowship award)

    MSc/BSc Finishing Thesis

    09/2022 – 01/2023: Júlia Mateu Comas – University of Barcelona / ICMAB-CSIC
    11/2021 – 08/2022: Leo Salgado Chane-Pane – Autonomous University of Barcelona /ICMAB-CSIC
    10/2021 – 06/2022: Teodor Parella [JAE Intro Fellow] – Autonomous University of Barcelona /ICMAB-CSIC

    MSc-BSc Projects/Internships

    09/2022-01/2023: Iker Barragán Martin – UB/ICMAB-CSIC
    09/2022-02/2023: Loes Fransen, ICMAB-CSIC (visiting from TU Eindhoven)


    ONGOING PhD Thesis (Gervasi Herranz):

    1. Jiahui Jia, Supervised by G. Herranz/M. Pruneda (CIN2), defense expected for 2023
    2. Alejandro Sánchez Miñarro, Supervised by G. Herranz, defense expected for 2025
    3. Ondrej Novak, Supervised by G. Herranz/M. Veis (Charles Univ. Prague), defense expected for 2025
    4. Fereshteh Masoudinia, Supervised by G. Herranz and Gyanendra Singh, defense expected for 2026

    POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING (since 2017, supervised by. Gervasi Herranz):

    2017-20 Dr. Mikko Kataja (coming from Aalto University, Finland). Postdoctoral contract (2017-18) and Marie-Sklodowska Fellow (2018-20). Current postion: Optical Engineer / OptoFidelity Oy (company in Finland). Supervisor: Gervasi Herranz

    2021-  Dr. Gyanendra Singh (coming from ESPCI-Paris Tech and Chalmers University, Sweden). Beatriu de Pinós Fellow. Supervisor: Gervasi Herranz

    2023- Dr. Janine Gückelhorn (coming from Walther-Meissner-Institute, Germany). Postdoc Fellow financed by the project Heavy Element-Free Green Electronics (HEGEL), Reference:  TED2021-129857B-I00. Supervisor: Gervasi Herranz

    BACHELOR THESES (since 2017):

    1. Llorenç Benaches Magraner, UABDegree on Physics. Supervisor: G. Herranz January 2023
    2. Ariadna Soro Álvarez. UAB. Mathematics & Physics. Sup.: M. Kataja/ G. Herranz June 2018
    3. Jordi Rubio Serrano. UAB. Degree on Physics. Supervisor: G. Herranz; July 2019
    4. Òscar Díaz Duran. UAB. Degree on Physics. Supervisor: G. Herranz; July 2019
    5. Xavier Domingo Soldado. UAB. Degree on Physics. Supervisor: G. Herranz; July 2019
    6. Guillem Müller Rigat. UAB. Degree on Physics. Sup.: M. Kataja/G. Herranz; July 2019
    7. Genís Guillem Mimó. UAB. Degree on Physics&Chemistry. Sup.:/G. Herranz; July 2020

    INTERSHIPS, PhD students (since 2017):

    1. Lluís Nocete Pladevall, JAE Intro 2023, from UAB University, April-September 2023
    2. Mathis Desseaux, from University of Montpellier, April-June 2023
    3. Ayan Banerjee, Master in Quantum Science and Technology, University of Barcelona, Jan 2023- June 2023
    4. Quentin Minon, Polytech. Nantes (France), June-July 2022 
    5. Anna Fritschen. TU Darmstadt, Germany, Supervisor: G. Herranz; January-April 2017
    6. Ondrej Nowak. Charles Univrsity in Prague, Czech Republic Supervisor: G. Herranz, September 2019

    ONGOING PhD Thesis (Gervasi Herranz):

    • Mario Villa Navas
      Supervised by J. Gazquez
      defense expected for 2026

    BACHELOR THESES (since 2017):

    • Bernat Mundet Bolòs
      UAB Degree on Physics
      Supervisor: J. Gazquez
      October 2018


    Manel Mas (since october 2020)
    Subject of PhD thesis: Electrothermal modeling and physics of the transition of Transition Edge Sensors (TES)

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