Bulk photovoltaic effect in hexagonal LuMnO3 single crystals
Positive Effect of Parasitic Monoclinic Phase of Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 on Ferroelectric Endurance
High-Temperature Synthesis and Dielectric Properties of LaTaON2
Switchable photovoltaic response in hexagonal LuMnO3 single crystals
Orbital occupancy and hybridization in strained SrVO3 epitaxial films
Thickness effect on ferroelectric properties of La-doped HfO2 epitaxial films down to 4.5 nm
Electron–Phonon Coupling and Electron–Phonon Scattering in SrVO3
Optical Plasmon Excitations in Transparent Conducting SrNbO3 and SrVO3 Thin Films
Stabilization of the Ferroelectric Phase in Epitaxial Hf1–xZrxO2 Enabling Coexistence of Ferroelectric and Enhanced Piezoelectric Properties


Oxides offer an extremely broad range of properties of major interest for science and technology. Magnetic data recording and sensing, ferroelectric data storage, piezoelectric actuators, energy harvesting in solar cells, catalysers, ionic conductors for fuel cells and superconductors for energy transport and storage are just few examples of some functional properties. We are interested on developing new oxide-based materials with enhanced or emerging properties with especial focus on their electric, magnetic and optical properties, and to establish the links between their structure, morphology and functional properties.