• Large enhancement of ferroelectric polarization in Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 films by low plasma energy pulsed laser deposition

  • MnTa2N4: A Ternary Nitride Spinel with a Strong Magnetic Frustration

  • Voltage-driven strain-mediated modulation of exchange bias in Ir20Mn80/Fe80Ga20/Ta/⟨011⟩-oriented PMN-32PT heterostructures

  • Two-gap s±-wave superconductivity at an oxide interface

  • Enhanced electroresistance endurance of capped Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 ultrathin epitaxial tunnel barriers

The Laboratory of Multifunctional Thin Films and Complex Structures (MULFOX) focuses on developing new oxide-based materials and oxide-based thin film devices to be applied in the field of next generation green and sustainable electronics. Oxides offer an extremely broad range of properties of major interest for science and technology, including
  • magnetic data recording and sensing
  • ferroelectric data storage
  • piezoelectric actuators
  • photoresponsive materials for energy harvesting

These are just few examples of some oxide-based materials functional properties. 

At MULFOX, we are interested on developing new oxide-based materials with enhanced or emerging properties with special focus on their electric, magnetic and optical properties, and to establish the links between their structure, morphology and functional properties.



Multifunctional Thin Films and Complex Structures

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