February 22, 2019

Topochemical nitridation of Sr2FeMoO6

Roberta Ceravola, Carlos Frontera, Judith Oro ́-Solé, Ashley P. Black, Clemens Ritter,  Ignasi Mata, Elies Molins, Josep Fontcuberta* and  Amparo Fuertes

Chem.Commun. 55, 3105 (2019)

DOI: 10.1039/c8cc09845j


The topotactic nitridation of cation ordered, tetragonal Sr2FeMoO6 in NH3 at moderate temperatures leads to cubic, Fm[3 with combining macron]m double perovskite oxynitride Sr2FeMoO4.9N1.1 where double-exchange interactions determine ferromagnetic order with TC ≈ 100 K. Substitution of oxide by nitride induces bond asymmetries and local electronically driven structural distortions, which combined with Fermi level lowering restricts charge itinerancy to confined regions and preclude spontaneous long-range magnetic order. Under a magnetic field, ferromagnetic correlations expand, favoring charge delocalization and a negative magnetoresistance is observed.

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