Spintronic Materials and Devices

Spintronics is a broad and interdisciplinary research field at the intersection of physics, materials science, and nanotechnology. It aims to utilize charge carriers’ intrinsic property “spin” as an active variable in electronic circuits and to offer innovative solutions to future Information Technologies. In MULFOX, we investigate a wide variety of spintronic-related physical phenomena and materials. On the materials side, our recent efforts focus on thin-film metallic (CoTb, FeTb) and insulating (YIG, TmIG, TbIG, etc.) ferrimagnetic heterostructures with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. On the physics side, we are interested in spin-orbit torques, spin-charge interconversion, chiral spin textures (domain walls, skyrmions) with the main goal of developing spintronic memory and logic devices with enhanced functionality and high efficiency. Our materials are developed in-house by pulsed laser deposition and magnetron sputtering tools. We then fabricate devices and characterize them using our state-of-the-art electrical and optical probe stations performing harmonic Hall effect, magnetoresistance, Magneto-optic Kerr effect microscopy measurements, etc.


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