September 27, 2011

Research interests


Oxides offer an extremely broad range of properties of major interest for science and technology. Magnetic data recording and sensing, ferroelectric data storage, piezoelectric actuators, energy harvesting in solar cells, catalysers, ionic conductors for fuel cells and superconductors for energy transport and storage are just few examples of some functional properties.home1

We are interested on developing new oxide-based materials with enhanced or emerging properties with especial focus on their electric, magnetic and optical properties, and to establish the links between their structure, morphology and functional properties.


Current research projects cover a broad scope of activities, ranging from materials and devices for spintronics, ferromagnetic and ferroelectric oxides, multiferroic materials displaying the rare coexistence of multiple ferroic orders, materials and structures for enhanced magnetooptic activity for optical communications or understanding surfaces and interfaces of oxides.

Using most advanced tools for material growth and with control at nanoscale, we are creating materials with tailored and properties under design searching for potentially disruptive properties.

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