Orders and dynamics in oxides

Solids may display a variety of order parameters, such as magnetic, polar, charge, orbital, etc. that determine complex phase diagrams where different properties are at display. Exciting prospects emerge towards new understanding that goes deep into the nature of condensed matter and its responsiveness and open perspectives of novel applications. 

Building on a long and wide expertise on transition metal oxides, our current research spans several branches. First, charge dynamics in transition metals oxides as a tool to explore charge-lattice coupling. Next, light-matter interaction in polar materials and heterostructures which offer new opportunities for above-band gap photoresponsive materials and sensing. Last, spin-orbit interactions in solids is emerging as new tool towards energy efficient spintronic devices. Whereas spin-orbit coupling in heavy metals is known and much used, plenty of room is still available for light transition metals, which are cheaper and more abundant, and were spin dynamics may offer new opportunities. 


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