Quantum transport and light-matter interactions

The focus is on electronic transport in bulk crystals and low-dimensional systems, and their interaction with light. We study quantum wells formed at the interface between transition metal oxides, with emphasis on spin-orbit physics and superconductivity. We also study the interaction of electromagnetic waves at optical wavelengths with transition metal systems and photonic crystals. 

We investigate electronic transport in oxide quantum wells in transition metal perovskites (involving, e.g., SrTiO3– and KTaO3- interfaces). Our focus is on Rashba spin-orbit fields and unconventional superconductivity for application in spintronics and quantum technologies. In parallel, we investigate light-matter interactions in different systems. In the area of photonic and plasmonic crystals, our interest is in achieving nonreciprocal propagation of confined electromagnetic waves, tunable with external fields, of interest for integrated photonic circuitry. On the other hand, we investigate the possibility of using electromagnetic waves to entangle spin and orbital degrees of freedom in transition metals. The idea behind is to explore theoretical models and find experimental optical signatures of spin-orbital mixing in strongly correlated systems that could serve as platform to achieve entanglement for quantum technologies.


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