January 24, 2013

Electronic Subband Reconfiguration in a d0-Perovskite Inducedby Strain-Driven Structural Transformations


V. Laukhin, O. Copie, M. Rozenberg, R. Weht, K. Bouzehouane, N. Reyren, E. Jacquet, M. Bibes,

A. Barthélémy, and G. Herranz. Physical Review Letters, in press (2012)



We have uncovered the effect of strain on the electronic subband structure of SrTiO3. The fine structure of this subband is formed by heavy and light electrons whose energy is splitted by just a few meV. By tuning the strain, this subband hierarchy can be finely tuned, yielding large mobility variations. Our results underscore the role of the internal structural degrees of freedom in the modulation of the perovskite electronic properties.


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