“Magnetoelectric coupling mediated by ferroelastic domains and polar domain-walls in non-polar materials.“
Author: Josep Fontcuberta
23th Workhsop On Oxide Electronics (WOE)
Nanjing,14th November  Dec 2016


“Observation of a huge polaron gyrotropic response near room temperature in manganite thin films.“
Author: Gervasi Herranz
APS March Meeting 2016
Baltimore,  14 March 2016


“Magnetoelectric coupling mediated by entangled ferroelastic domain and polar domain walls in non-polar materials.“
Author: Gervasi Herranz
CMD26 Conference, European Physics Society: Condensed Matter Division
Groningen,  4 September 2016


“Control of Magnetic States in Metallic Ferromagnets with Surface Acoustics Waves.“
Author: Nahuel Statuto and Ferran Macià
MMM conference
New Orleans, Lousiana, USA,  2 November 2016


“Untangling Electrostatic and Strain Effects on the Polarization of Ferroelectric Superlattices”
Author: E. Khestanova, N. Dix, I. Fina, J.M Rebled, C. Magen, S. Estrade, F. Peiro, J. Fontcuberta, F. Sanchez
To-Be 2016 Fall Meeting
Ljubljana (Eslovenia), September 30, 2016




“Growth mechanisms of complex oxides by pulsed laser deposition”
Invited lecture F. Sanchez
2nd Autumn School on Physics of Advanced Materials (PAMS-2)
Cluj-Napoca (Romania), September 9, 2016


“Physical Growth Techniques: Pulsed laser deposition”
Invited lecture F. Sanchez
1st NFFA-Europe Summer School
Bellaterra (Barcelona), 20-07-2016




“Untangling the contributions of cerium- and iron- sublattices to the magnetism of Ce-doped yttrium iron garnet“
Author: Gervasi Herranz
APS March Meeting 2016
Baltimore,  14 March 2016


“Direct observation and imaging of magnetoelastic effect on magnetic nanostructures“
Author: Ferran Macià
SPICE Workshop Quantum Acoustics
Mainz, May 17th, 2016

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